Autumn Individual League – 2018

Individual league matches are a point per rally with the first player to 11 winning the game, the game-winner must be 2 game points clear of their opponent to win E.G. 11/10 is not a winning score, 12/10 is! The matches are best of a maximum 5 games, where a 5-0, 4-1, 3-2 are match scores.

In the case that the game winner takes the match 3-0 or 3-1, the match must continue up-to 5 games and give the losing player the opportunity to win additional points.

Both players receive 1 point for scheduling & playing their match,
Each player is awarded an additional point for each game they win.
The point score determines the league winner.
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The below table shows the individual league players in order of their current league standing.

The green, red or grey indicators on the left show if the player has climbed, fallen or is a non-mover from the previous matches.

P = Played (total matches played),
W = Won (total matches won),
D = Draw (rarely used, 1 point awarded to each player),
L = Lost (total matches lost),
F = For (total games won),
A = Against (total games lost),
+/- = For/Against Ratio (sum of games won minus lost),
Pts = Points (Single point awarded to each player for playing their match, 1 point added for each game won),